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Field sessions are designed to challenge every athlete to become better individuals in their team sport as well as their daily lives. Bay Valley Suns works to make our players more skilled, athletic, and creative on the field with focus on technique training and confidence building. We strive to help each player be successful in any path they choose on and off the field. See below to learn more about available group and individual training sessions.


Bay Valley Suns summer 2024 soccer camp announcement coming soon!

Group Sessions

Group sessions cover every individual aspect of the game. We perfect each players personal skills alongside players from other top competitive clubs. We believe that in order for players to grow to their fullest potential, they must be exposed to a wide range of playing and coaching styles and environments. Simply create an account and provide us with the athlete's playing history. Our coaching staff will review your profile and reach out with an invitation to the first available group session. Here, the player will be further evaluated by one of our professional coaches. Each session is $50 and runs for 60 minutes.



1 on 1 Sessions

Individual "1 on 1" sessions are tailored to help each player with their personal needs and interests. Individual sessions focus on specific aspects of a player's game that needs improvement. This hyper-focused training will perfect their abilities at a faster rate. Each individual session is $70 for 60 minutes. 


"This club is awesome! My son loves practicing with them and they are very professional and kind. They provide a very well-structured training and are very good at motivating my son. I reached out based on the amazing reviews here and they were correct! I definitely recommend them to any soccer player!" - Aimee H.

"Bay Valley Suns have really good coaches! They provide professional equipment and advice. They always train at a great pace and intensity! " - Tianyi H.

"Absolutely excellent! Very Professional and knowledgeable, giving my son confidence all while pushing him with well planned drills and exercises. My son loved it! We can't wait to continue the training! " - Amy R.

"Awesome club! They had a very thorough first session planned and kept our daughter engaged and focused. In just one session I see an improvement in her confidence as well. Thanks coaches! " - Asra F.

"These coaches are amazing... my son finally leaves training feeling good and ready to do it again! They are very knowledgable in the sport working on every part. Can't wait to continue working with them! " - Kristin A.

"Our coaches are outstanding. They played soccer at a very high level and understand what it takes to support someone else who is playing at a high level. They are knowledgable, well prepared, professional, and likable. All 3 of my kids have nothing but positive feedback about them." - Osman Q.

"Great Coaches with great energy and lots of helpful and fun drills to improve my son's game and endurance. We feel so grateful to have found them! " - Shannon S.



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